2013 Senate Bill 319

House Roll Call 28: Passed

To revise the sentencing guidelines related to Michigan's mandatory life sentence with no chance of parole for certain very serious crimes committed by minors. Life without parole would no longer be automatic in these cases but prosecutors could request it. Otherwise, the minimum sentence would be 25 to 40 years, and the maximum at least 60 years. These provisions would only apply prospectively, to cases still open as of the U.S. Supreme Court's Miller v Alabama decision in June, 2012. Language in the bill would apply the new standard retroactively to the approximately 350 current prisoners in this category if future court rulings require this.

62 Yeas / 48 Nays
Republican (58 Yeas / 1 Nay)
Democrat (4 Yeas / 47 Nays)