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MichiganVotes Weekly Report: November 12, 2021

Senate Bill 671: Repeal requirement that corporate subsidy scheme benefit state economyPassed 28 to 7 in the Senate on November 10, 2021

To revise a 2017 “Good Jobs For Michigan” law that authorized the state to give ongoing cash subsidies to Detroit developer Dan Gilbert and potentially other business owners, by stripping-out provisions requiring business subsidies to “result in an overall positive fiscal impact to this state.” Unlike the other corporate and developer subsidy schemes enacted in the name of “economic development,” this law’s revenue transfers appeared to create incentives for businesses in other Michigan communities to move to Detroit, rather than grow the state economy as a whole. The bill would also increase an annual cap on how much a subsidized company could get.

Senate Bill 700: Cap government pension fund growth assumptionsPassed 35 to 0 in the Senate on November 10, 2021

To cap at 6.7% the return estimate that managers of the state’s government employee pension system use to determine state pension fund assets will grow over time (and whether it’s enough to meet the state’s pension promises to employees). Also, to require that if new unfunded liability gaps appear, they must be filled (“caught-up on”) within 10 years or less.

House Bill 4703: Revise animal cruelty proceduresPassed 91 to 14 in the House on November 10, 2021

To revise requirements and procedures for an animal control agency taking possession of an abused animal seized by police, and its ultimate disposition, including forfeiture and humane euthanization. Under this and House Bill 4704 the owner would be responsible for all related costs, including euthanization if ordered. The bills are intended to provide uniformity in several sections of state animal cruelty law.

House Bill 4033: Extend certain state prison policies to private prisonPassed 75 to 29 in the House on November 9, 2021

To extend to a private Michigan prison that contracts with a federal agency to hold inmates the same penalties for giving a prisoner a cell phone or certain other contraband that applies to state-run prisons. The bill comes after activists who oppose prison privatization have been caught tossing potentially dangerous contraband over the fence to prisoners.

House Bill 4853: Prescribe record keeping for invasive medical examsPassed 104 to 1 in the House on November 10, 2021

To require medical records referencing treatment of an individual that involves vaginal or anal penetration by a health professional to be retained for 15 years by the health professional and health facility or agency, with violations subject to criminal sanctions. Also, to require the licensure boards for different medical specialties to produce “guidance to licensees on generally accepted standards of medical practice for medical services involving vaginal or anal penetration, including internal pelvic floor treatments.”

House Bill 5294: Expand ban on offering faux-government servicesPassed 98 to 7 in the House on November 10, 2021

To expand a provision of a state consumer protection act that restricts third parties from offering online services that are similar to ones performed by a governmental agency, by requiring them to “conspicuously” indicate that the operation is not a government entity, plus disclosing the prices and terms.

House Bill 5291: Extend port subsidies to private and public developersPassed 94 to 11 in the House on November 10, 2021

To authorize state grants equal to 80% of the amount spent by developers and owners on shipping ports and improvements. As introduced the bill would have required the developer to permit public use of the port for at least 10 years, but this was deleted from the House-passed version.

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