2013 House Bill 4378

House Roll Call 58: Passed

To repeal a law that establishes a government interior designer registry and makes it available to state or local government agencies. To be included on the registry a designer must have passed a test created by a national organization of incumbent interior designers. This organization has sought repeatedly in this state to impose a full licensure and regulatory regime on interior designers, with <A href="http://www.michiganvotes.org/SearchLegislation.aspx?Results=50&amp;StartDate=1%2F1%2F2001&amp;EndDate=12%2F31%2F2013&amp;Keywords=interior+designer">several bills</A> introduced in previous legislatures.

110 Yeas / 0 Nays
Republican (59 Yeas / 0 Nays)
Democrat (51 Yeas / 0 Nays)