2013 Senate Bill 175

House Roll Call 205: Passed

To largely reverse a <A href="http://www.michiganvotes.org/2010-HB-6271">2010 reform</A> that eliminated "defined benefit" pensions for future state Adjutant Generals and Assistant Adjutant Generals, and instead provided 401k benefits. The bill would also revise various other Michigan National Guard organizational details. The 2010 reform was adopted following reports of AGs being granted generous state pensions based on limited state service ($78,000 to $133,000 for 1.5 years to 13 years service). The House version of the bill slightly limits eligibility for these benefits compared to the pre-2010 version, but also has several exceptions to the new limits.

91 Yeas / 14 Nays
Republican (55 Yeas / 4 Nays)
Democrat (36 Yeas / 10 Nays)
Excused or Not Voting (4)