2018 Senate Bill 1175

Senate Roll Call 605: Passed

To revise an <a href="https://www.michiganvotes.org/2018-LIP-3">initiated law</a> enacted in Sept. 2018, which imposed an employee paid leave mandate on employers. The original version of this law was brought to the legislature by a petition drive, and would have granted workers one hour of paid leave for every 30 hours worked, up to a maximum of 72 hours a year. The revised version mandates one hour of leave for every 40 hours worked, with an annual paid leave cap of 36 hours. Firms with 50 or less workers would be exempt. It also removes provisions that would have imposed extensive record keeping requirements on employers, and potentially created a legal presumption that missing records means an employer has violated the law. Note: Had the legislature not passed the initiated law in September it would have gone on the November ballot, and if voters had approved the measure any changes would have required a 3/4 supermajority vote in the House and Senate.

26 Yeas / 11 Nays
Republican (26 Yeas / 1 Nay)
Democrat (0 Yeas / 10 Nays)