2017 Senate Bill 601

Senate Roll Call 1044: Passed

To appropriate $1.256 billion for additional spending on a broad range of state programs and departments, including $115 million in so-called "Christmas-tree" grants for specific "enhancement" projects in the districts of a number of influential lawmakers. The spending includes money for a new Soo lock, Straits of Mackinac utility tunnel, university building projects, a new state Capitol facility, state broadband subsidies, and <a href="http://www.legislature.mi.gov/documents/2017-2018/billanalysis/Senate/htm/2017-SFA-0601-E.htm">much more</a>. It also includes funding for an additional 175 child protective services workers, $114 million for roads, $20 million for PFAS contamination response activities, and a $100 million deposit in the state rainy day fund. Of the total, $409 million is federal money.

34 Yeas / 4 Nays
Republican (25 Yeas / 2 Nays)
Democrat (9 Yeas / 2 Nays)