2011 House Bill 4289

Senate Roll Call 182: Passed

To appropriate $72.6 in additional government spending during the current fiscal year for various items. Among these are $8.9 million for medical student subsidies the legislature had previously voted to eliminate; $11 million more State Police spending; around $26 million more in various Medicaid-related spending; $10 million for legal, accounting, auditing and other expenses incurred in state oversight of fiscally failed schools and local governments; "start-up" money to create a Detroit-area regional transit authority; and <a href="http://www.legislature.mi.gov/documents/2011-2012/billanalysis/House/pdf/2011-HLA-4289-4.pdf">more</a>.

32 Yeas / 6 Nays
Republican (20 Yeas / 6 Nays)
Democrat (12 Yeas / 0 Nays)