2011 House Bill 4409

Senate Roll Call 445: Passed

To eliminate some of the loopholes from a supposed <A href="http://www.michiganvotes.org/2006-HB-6580">48 month lifetime cap</A> on the length of time a person can collect cash welfare benefits, and eliminate a 2011 sunset on imposing that cap. Among other things, this and House Bill 4410 would increase sanctions for violating certain welfare work or study requirements, no longer define 19 year old high school students as “children” eligible for welfare, require legal resident status be checked using the federal “e-verify” system in certain cases, require more frequent eligibility reviews, and more. The <A href="http://www.legislature.mi.gov/documents/2011-2012/billanalysis/House/htm/2011-HLA-4409-1.htm">House</A> and <A href="http://www.legislature.mi.gov/documents/2011-2012/billanalysis/Senate/htm/2011-SFA-4409-F.htm">Senate</A> Fiscal Agencies estimate the two-bill package would save the state around $60 million annually.

24 Yeas / 12 Nays
Republican (24 Yeas / 0 Nays)
Democrat (0 Yeas / 12 Nays)
Excused or Not Voting (2)