2011 Senate Bill 183

Senate Roll Call 108: Passed

The Senate version of the Fiscal Year (FY) 2011-2012 school aid budget. This would appropriate $12.398 billion, compared to $12.863 billion enacted the previous year, and $12.173 billion recommended by Gov. Rick Snyder. The bill would reduce the per-pupil foundation grant by $170, compared to a $300 reduction recommended by the Governor. Among other changes the budget would eliminate $55 million in so-called "categorical" funding for specific items, and $175 million in full-day per pupil grants paid to districts for half-day kindergartners. A provision was stripped out that would have required school employees to pay at least 80 percent of the cost of their health insurance fringe benefits, or cap the school district’s share at $13,000. Lt. Gov. Brian Calley cast the tie-breaking vote when seven Republicans voted in opposition (Brandenburg, Green, Hansen, Hildenbrand, Jones, Nofs, Rocca).

19 Yeas / 19 Nays
Republican (19 Yeas / 7 Nays)
Democrat (0 Yeas / 12 Nays)