2007 House Bill 5524

Senate Roll Call 558: Passed

To adopt a compromise version of the bill reported by a House-Senate conference committee. This would mostly end the state’s electric competition law that allows customers to choose an alternative provider; allow the utilities to impose surcharges on customers so they can recoup the “costs” incurred from Michigan’s experiment with competitive electricity markets; and phase out over five years the current cross-subsidization of residential customers by commercial and industrial ones. The bill would guaranty DTE and Consumers Power at least 90 percent of the utility business in the areas they serve, even if other providers offer lower prices. The bill is tie-bared to Senate Bill 213, which imposes "renewable" energy mandates on utilities.

25 Yeas / 11 Nays
Democrat (16 Yeas / 1 Nay)
Republican (9 Yeas / 10 Nays)
Excused or Not Voting (2)