2011 House Bill 4526

House Roll Call 99: Passed

The House version of the Fiscal Year 2011-2012 state government budget. A separate House budget authorizes school, college and university spending (House Bill 4325). This one would appropriate $32.522 billion in gross spending for everything else, compared to $32.778 the previous year and $32.775 billion recommended by Gov. Rick Snyder. Approximately, $17.31 billion of this budget is federal money, leaving $15.21 billion raised from Michigan sources, compared to $14.48 billion the previous year. <p> Highlights include: Welfare and Medicaid spending total $20.78 billion (compared to $21.07 billion the previous year), $6.4 billion of which comes from state taxpayers, with the rest federal money. The House imposes higher welfare recipient work requirements, and eliminates some benefits such as clothing subsidies. It concurs with Gov. Snyder’s $250 million cut in state revenue sharing to local governments ($200 milllion of which will be given back to ones that adopt employee benefit and other reforms), and his plan to stop using the tax code to provide selective corporate tax breaks and subsidies, and instead directly appropriate subsidies totalling $75 million (including “Pure Michigan” tourism industry subsidies). Prison spending is $1.84 billion, vs. $2.01 billion the previous year (in part due to fewer prisoners).

62 Yeas / 48 Nays
Republican (62 Yeas / 1 Nay)
Democrat (0 Yeas / 47 Nays)