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2023 House Joint Resolution K

Legislature: sessions; part-time legislature; provide for.

2023 House Joint Resolution J

Legislature: legislators; salary for legislators; reduce after sine die.

2023 House Bill 5389

Courts: other; filing fee for name change; modify under certain circumstances.

2023 House Bill 5388

Businesses: business corporations; business corporation act; general revisions concerning formation of benefit corporations.

2023 House Bill 5387

Businesses: business corporations; benefit corporations; create.

2023 House Bill 5386

Civil procedure: evictions; eviction after expiration of temporary possession under a sales agreement; provide for.

2023 House Bill 5385

Housing: landlord and tenants; definition of rental unit; modify.

2023 House Bill 5384

Housing: landlord and tenants; definition of residential premises; modify.

2023 House Bill 5383

Criminal procedure: forfeiture; disposition of funds from civil asset forfeiture; clarify.

2023 House Bill 5382

Criminal procedure: forfeiture; disposal of funds from seized vehicles; clarify.