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  • 2023-2024
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2023 House Bill 4177

History and arts: other; history museum authorities act; create.

2024 House Bill 5823

Communications: internet; age-appropriate design code act; create.

2024 House Bill 5818

Economic development: brownfield redevelopment authority; brownfield redevelopment financing act; amend to exempt museum authorities.

2024 House Bill 5817

Economic development: tax increment financing; tax increment financing act; amend to exempt museum authorities.

2024 House Bill 5570

Criminal procedure: sentencing guidelines; guidelines for dissemination of deep fake sexual images; enact.

2024 House Bill 5767

Housing: landlord and tenants; notice requirements for early lease termination for certain victims of violence; expand.

2024 House Bill 5766

Housing: landlord and tenants; methods of communication between landlords and tenants; update.

2024 House Bill 5732

Aeronautics: unmanned aircraft systems; use of unmanned aircraft systems for radio communication tower inspections; allow.

2024 House Bill 5682

Individual income tax: exemptions; broadband expansion grants; exempt from taxable income.

2024 House Bill 5662

Consumer protection: other; attorney general investigations of the event online ticket sales act; provide for, and prescribe fines and remedies.