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  • 2023-2024
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2024 Senate Bill 717

Health facilities: nursing homes; electronic monitoring devices in nursing homes; allow under certain circumstances.

2024 Senate Bill 687

Communications: other; certain office within the department of labor and economic opportunity; create.

2023 Senate Bill 594 / Public Act 257

Elections: registration; online voter registration process; modify.

2023 House Bill 5145

Criminal procedure: sentencing guidelines; sentencing guidelines for certain election law offenses involving materially deceptive media and intimidating an election official; provide for.

  • Introduced by Rep. Noah Arbit (D-20) on Oct. 12, 2023
  • Passed 58 to 52 in the House on Nov. 1, 2023
  • Substitute concurred in by the Senate on Nov. 9, 2023
  • Passed 20 to 16 in the Senate on Nov. 9, 2023
  • Substitute concurred in by the House on Nov. 9, 2023

2023 House Bill 5144

Elections: offenses; penalties for distributing materially deceptive media; provide for, and provide procedure for enjoining materially deceptive media.

2023 Senate Bill 659

Consumer protection: privacy; personal data privacy act: create.

2023 House Bill 4421 / Public Act 179

Civil procedure: other; certain public video recordings of court proceedings; allow the victims' faces to be blurred.

2023 House Bill 4965

Communications: video services; definition of video service; modify.

2023 House Bill 5065

Public employees and officers: state; use of certain applications on state devices; prohibit.

2023 House Bill 4210

Elections: absent voters; electronic return of absent voter ballots by military voters and their spouses; provide for.