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  • 2023-2024
  • Regulations

2023 Senate Bill 651

Tobacco: licenses; license to sell a nicotine or tobacco product at retail; require.

2023 Senate Bill 649

Tobacco: advertising; advertising for sale, displaying for sale, marketing, or selling a nicotine or tobacco product that has characterizing flavor; prohibit.

2023 Senate Bill 647

Tobacco: retail sales; preemption of local ordinances pertaining to the sale of tobacco products or the licensure of distributors; eliminate.

2023 House Bill 5198

Tobacco: vapor products; certain practices that relate to the distribution and sale of certain vapor products; prohibit.

2023 House Bill 4094

Fire: other; number of school fire and security drills; modify.

2023 Senate Bill 17

Fireworks: ordinances; the days that fireworks use may be regulated by a local unit of government; modify, and increase sanctions for certain violations.