2023 Senate Bill 649

Tobacco: advertising; advertising for sale, displaying for sale, marketing, or selling a nicotine or tobacco product that has characterizing flavor; prohibit.

A bill to amend 1915 PA 31, entitled “Youth tobacco act,” by amending the title and sections 4 and 5 (MCL 722.644 and 722.645), the title as amended by 2019 PA 18, section 4 as amended by 2022 PA 167, and section 5 as added by 1988 PA 314, and by adding sections 1a and 2d.

Introduced in the Senate

Nov. 9, 2023

Introduced by Sen. John Cherry (D-27) and two co-sponsors

Co-sponsored by Sens. Sam Singh (D-28) and Sue Shink (D-14)

Referred to the Committee on Regulatory Affairs