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2024 House Bill 5649

Education: curriculum; public high schools to offer a computer science course; require.

2024 House Bill 5815

Education: curriculum; personal finance requirement; modify.

2023 Senate Bill 518 / 2024 Public Act 49

Education: teachers and administrators; interim teaching certification process; modify.

2024 House Bill 5782

Higher education: financial aid; Michigan education trust act; modify.

2024 House Bill 5780

Higher education: financial aid; financial cost and aid disclosure; require.

2024 House Bill 5752

Education: school districts; student mental health apprenticeship retention and training (SMART) internship grant program; modify.

2024 House Bill 5741

Education: other; recommended model core academic curriculum content standards for health education and certain guidelines for health education; modify.

2024 Senate Bill 744

Education: teachers and administrators; requirements for a teacher to successfully complete a probationary period: modify.

2023 House Bill 5269

Education: public school academies; a public school academy to post salary information on its website; require.

2023 House Bill 5234

Education: public school academies; certain authorizer and educational management organization information on school signage, advertising, and promotional materials; require.