2013 House Bill 4157

Lend IT project money to local governments

Introduced in the House

Jan. 31, 2013

Introduced by Rep. Earl Poleski (R-64)

To create a government “information, communication, and technology innovation revolving fund” to make loans to state agencies, local governments, colleges and universities, school districts, and nonprofits that provide public services, for projects that meet various criteria specified in the bill, and which would be selected by a board of state officials and political appointees.

Referred to the Committee on Appropriations

Sept. 24, 2014

Reported without amendment

With the recommendation that the substitute (H-2) be adopted and that the bill then pass.

Nov. 13, 2014

Passed in the House 90 to 17 (details)

Received in the Senate

Dec. 2, 2014

Referred to the Committee on Appropriations