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2019 House Bill 4162: Revise statewide student test details
Introduced by Rep. John Reilly R-Oakland on February 7, 2019
To repeal a requirement that state tests administered to public and private school 11th grade students must assess a pupil's ability to apply at least reading and mathematics skills in a manner that is intended to allow employers to use the results in making employment decisions. This refers to an "ACT WorkKeys" assessment test the state had contracted-for but which was seldom used by employers.   Official Text and Analysis.
Referred to the House Education Committee on February 7, 2019
Reported in the House on February 26, 2019
Refer to the Committee on Ways and Means.
Referred to the House Ways and Means Committee on February 26, 2019
Reported in the House on June 19, 2019
With the recommendation that the substitute (H-3) be adopted and that the bill then pass.