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2012 Senate Bill 1357: Require confirmation of prisoner “work release” work

Public Act 611 of 2012

Introduced by Sen. Rick Jones R-Grand Ledge on November 8, 2012
To establish sentencing guidelines related to the proposal in Senate Bill 1127 to require that felons who are let out of jail during the day in work and school release programs actually have jobs or classes.   Official Text and Analysis.
Referred to the Senate Judiciary Committee on November 8, 2012
Reported in the Senate on December 5, 2012
With the recommendation that the substitute (S-1) be adopted and that the bill then pass.
Substitute offered in the Senate on December 5, 2012
The substitute passed by voice vote in the Senate on December 5, 2012
Received in the House on December 6, 2012
Referred to the House Judiciary Committee on December 6, 2012
Reported in the House on December 12, 2012
Without amendment and with the recommendation that the bill pass.
Signed by Gov. Rick Snyder on December 31, 2012