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  • 2023-2024
  • Local Government

2023 House Bill 4857

Agriculture: plants; classification of milkweed as a noxious or exotic weed by local governments; prohibit.

2024 Senate Bill 721

Property: recording; Marketable record title; modify.

2023 House Bill 4186

Construction: asbestos; provision allowing the withholding of payment to asbestos abatement contractors or demolition contractors for environmental violations; require certain local government contracts to contain, and require certain disclosures by asbestos abatement contractors and demolition contractors.

2023 Senate Bill 389

State management: escheats; unclaimed property of military personnel; modify dormancy periods.

2023 House Bill 4897

Transportation: other; equipment sharing between department of transportation and county and local road commissions; provide for.

2023 Senate Bill 570 / Public Act 254

Elections: election officials; county clerk to appoint a designee to conduct an election audit under certain circumstances; require.

2023 House Bill 4360

Local government: authorities; emergency services authorities; allow to serve partial municipalities.

2023 Senate Bill 133 / Public Act 313

Health: controlled substances; overdose fatality review act; create.

2023 House Bill 4606

State management: funds; public safety and violence prevention fund; create.

2023 House Bill 4981

Elections: local; eligibility requirements for county sheriff; modify.