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  • 2023-2024
  • Local Government

2024 Senate Bill 721

Property: recording; Marketable record title; modify.

2023 Senate Bill 389

State management: escheats; unclaimed property of military personnel; modify dormancy periods.

2024 Senate Bill 705

Counties: employees and officers; request for transcript and abstract of paper or record; modify.

2023 Senate Bill 133 / Public Act 313

Health: controlled substances; overdose fatality review act; create.

2023 Senate Bill 570 / Public Act 254

Elections: election officials; county clerk to appoint a designee to conduct an election audit under certain circumstances; require.

2023 House Bill 5353

State management: other; state financing of activities or services required of local units of government; provide for. Implements sec. 29, art. IX of the state constitution & repeals 1979 PA 101 (MCL 21.231 - 21.244).

2023 House Bill 5348

Transportation: funds; payment to local governments for road maintenance; modify.

2023 House Bill 5336

Housing: affordable; use of certain factors in local housing ordinances to designate area median income for affordable housing determinations; require.

2023 Senate Bill 660

Environmental protection: sewage; municipal stormwater utilities; provide for, and authorize fee.

2023 Senate Bill 647

Tobacco: retail sales; preemption of local ordinances pertaining to the sale of tobacco products or the licensure of distributors; eliminate.