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  • 2023-2024
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2024 Senate Bill 702

Occupations: cosmetologists; minimum hours of training for licensure as instructor, manicurist, and esthetician; increase.

  • Introduced by Sen. Sam Singh (D-28) on Feb. 1, 2024
  • Substitute concurred in by the Senate on March 14, 2024
  • Passed 26 to 11 in the Senate on March 19, 2024
  • Passed 93 to 16 in the House on June 12, 2024

2023 House Bill 4101 / 2024 Public Act 57

Health occupations: speech-language pathologists; temporary licensing of speech-language pathologists; modify.

2024 House Bill 5786

Occupations: barbers; required hours of course study for licensure; modify.

2024 House Bill 5784

Civil procedure: evictions; limited liability companies; allow members to represent in certain situations.

2024 Senate Bill 895

Occupations: electricians; ratio of electrician apprentices to journey or master licensees on a jobsite; modify, and require joint responsibility for supervision between electrical contractors and master electricians.

2024 Senate Bill 867

Occupations: vehicles, dealers, and repair facilities; owner of a motor vehicle repair facility to operate an additional facility under the same registration; allow.

2023 House Bill 4504

Health occupations: physical therapists; physical therapy licensure compact; enact.

2024 Senate Bill 850

Occupations: individual licensing and registration; annual report on reciprocity for occupations under the skilled trades act; require the department to submit.

2024 Senate Bill 849

Health: occupations; annual report on reciprocity for certain health occupations under the public health code; require the department to submit.

2023 House Bill 4169

Health occupations: occupational therapists; occupational therapy licensure compact; enact.