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2024 Senate Bill 826

Health: other; doula scholarship fund; create.

2024 Senate Bill 825

Health: occupations; Michigan essential health provider recruitment strategy; expand to include midwives.

2024 Senate Bill 820

Health facilities: hospitals; certain policies on patients who are giving birth; require a hospital to adopt.

2024 Senate Bill 819

Civil rights: general discrimination; reporting procedures for mistreatment during perinatal period; provide for.

2024 Senate Bill 818

Records: death; commission to investigate racial disparities related to maternal health; create.

2023 House Bill 4608

Health occupations: dietitians and nutritionists; licensure of dietitian nutritionists; provide for.

2024 Senate Bill 811

Health facilities: certificate of need; extended care services program; expand, and make other revisions.

2024 Senate Bill 806

Health facilities: hospitals; psychological evaluation on a minor in a hospital emergency room longer than a certain period of time due to a mental health episode; require.

2023 House Bill 5212 / 2024 Public Act 29

Family law: other; reference to surrogate parenting act; eliminate, and refer to the assisted reproduction and surrogacy parentage act.

2023 House Bill 5209 / 2024 Public Act 26

Criminal procedure: sentencing guidelines; sentencing guidelines for surrogate parentage contracts involving minors or intellectually disabled and for compensation; remove.