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2024 House Bill 5420

Property tax: special assessments; special assessment deferment program; reinstate.

2024 House Bill 5419

Property tax: special assessments; income eligibility cap for special assessment deferment program; modify.

2023 House Bill 4724

Individual income tax: property tax credit; credit for disabled veterans or widow or widower of disabled veterans who rent or lease a homestead; increase.

2023 House Bill 4783

Property tax: special assessments; certain references in act providing for deferment of special assessments on certain homesteads; make gender neutral.

2022 Senate Bill 1084

Revise disabled veteran property tax breaks

2022 House Bill 6555

Revise veteran homestead tax exemption detail

2022 House Bill 6402

Revise disabled veterans homestead tax breaks

2022 House Bill 6401

Give homestead-related income tax breaks to war widows

2021 House Bill 4534 / 2022 Public Act 141

Revise late application for homestead tax exemption

2021 House Bill 5607

Revise homestead property tax exemption application details