2021 House Bill 4971

Restrict corporate welfare, join multistate ‘just say no’ compact

Introduced in the House

June 8, 2021

Introduced by Rep. Steven Johnson (R-72)

To authorize joining this state to a proposed Midwest state “company-specific subsidy interstate compact” whose member states would agree to no longer give tax breaks or subsidies to a specific company that is aren’t available to other similarly-situated companies. The bill includes “findings” including that, “State governments are caught in a race to the bottom offering ever-larger…incentives or grants in an attempt to lure large companies to stay or relocate in their state despite overwhelming evidence that subsidies are neither an efficient use of public dollars nor a determining factor in a company's eventual decision where to locate”.

Referred to the Committee on Commerce and Tourism

June 15, 2021

Referred to the Committee on Government Operations