2017 House Joint Resolution A

Establish part time legislature

Introduced in the House

Jan. 18, 2017

Introduced by Rep. Michael Webber (R-45)

To place before voters in the next general election a constitutional amendment that would limit annual legislative sessions to 90 consecutive days. Since 2001 <a href="http://michiganvotes.org/SearchLegislation.aspx?CategoryID=0&Keywords=part+time+legislature&StartMonth=1&StartYear=2001&EndMonth=12&EndYear=2017&Results=50&op=Search">more than 20</a> part time legislature proposals have been introduced, many attached to measures that would extend or repeal term limits. This one does not propose any term limit changes, but also contains no pay cut provision or exceptions allowing special emergency sessions.

Referred to the Committee on Government Operations