2012 House Bill 5298

Increase state fuel taxes

Introduced in the House

Jan. 26, 2012

Introduced by Rep. Rick Olson (R-55)

To replace the current 19-cent per gallon gas tax and 15-cent diesel tax with a 10.1 percent wholesale fuel tax (subject to various adjustments), which would initially be levied at an effective rate of 28.3 cents per gallon. This would extract an additional $541 million from motorists each year, or more if the price of fuel increases (up to 40-cents per gallon would be allowed, and a minimum of 28.3 cents per gallon). This would be phased in gradually at an annual rate of increase of 1-cent per gallon2012 Senate Bill 911: Authorize Detroit regional transit vehicle registration tax History, Amendments & Comments Text and Analysis Add to Watch List •Introduced by Sen. Bert Johnson (D) on January 26, 2012, to give the regional transit authority proposed by Senate Bill 909 (and House Bill 5309) the power to impose a higher vehicle registration tax (on top of the state version). A vote of the people in the region would be required; even if the tax was defeated in a particular community it would still be imposed if a majority of voters in the region approved it. This is part of Gov. Rick Snyder’s road and transit tax proposal.

Referred to the Committee on Transportation