2010 Senate Bill 1572

Tighten selective corporate tax break and subsidy granting procedures

Introduced in the Senate

Nov. 4, 2010

Introduced by Sen. Nancy Cassis (R-15)

To require the Michigan Economic Development Corporation to verify claims by a applicant for selective Michigan Economic Growth Authority tax breaks and subsidies that it been offered similar deals by another to actually claim tax breaks or subsidies it has been offered to be disclosed in any press release announcing a MEGA deal; prohibit an MEDC official from filling in blanks or falsifying information in a tax break/subsidy claim filed by a firm granted one of these deals; require MEGA applicants to file a copy of their business plan and the Authority to evaluate these and disclose non-confidential portions to the legislature; and more. The bill is part of a “corporate welfare” package comprised of Senate Bills 1571 to 1574.

Referred to the Committee on Finance