2010 Senate Bill 1323

Establish “Michigan Registered Reporter" registration and screening criteria

Introduced in the Senate

May 11, 2010

Introduced by Sen. Bruce Patterson (R-7)

To create a government “Board of Michigan Registered Reporters” to pass on the qualifications under criteria established in the bill for an individual who seeks to use the title “Michigan Registered Reporter.” An individual who writes or creates news stories, commentaries or editorials for a newspaper, online news outlet or radio or TV broadcaster, and who wants to use this title, would have to pay a $10 fee, and have either a journalism degree, at least three years experience as a reporter, submit writing samples, present evidence of awards or recognitions, present a letter of recognition from a reporter who is “registered,” etc. A person using a generic label such as “reporter,” “broadcaster,” “member of the media,” or others would not have to register. The bill would not require any institution to discriminate on the basis of having this credential, nor would it prohibit this.

Referred to the Committee on Economic Development and Regulatory Reform