2007 House Bill 5137

Place state’s “check register” on-line

Introduced in the House

Aug. 23, 2007

Introduced by Rep. Jacob Hoogendyk (R-61)

To require the state to post on an internet website a free searchable database containing the details of every expenditure by each state department and agency, including the name of the entity receiving the funds, the amount, the type of transaction, the budget source of the funds, and a description of the purpose expenditure. The bill defines "expenditure of state funds" as the expenditure of all appropriated or nonappropriated funds including purchases, contracts and subcontracts, and grants. Essentially, the bill requires the state make public its “check register” in an accessible form.

Referred to the Committee on Oversight and Investigations

April 9, 2008

Motion by Rep. Jacob Hoogendyk (R-61)

That the Committee on Oversight and Investigations be discharged from further consideration of the bill.

The motion passed 98 to 7 (details)

Referred to the Committee on Appropriations