2003 House Bill 5323

Revise SBT on certain subsidiary companies

Introduced in the House

Dec. 2, 2003

Introduced by Rep. Lorence Wenke (R-63)

To limit the single business tax "small business credit" to professional employer organizations that are "captive providers," and not allow the credit for other professional employer organizations. A "captive provider" is an organization that provides human resources services for only one client, and does not provide its services to other clients. Note: The single business tax is a tax on the value added by a firm in producing a product, and it can be very complex to sort out which business expenses are included in that "added value," or may be eligible for certain tax credits.

Referred to the Committee on Tax Policy

May 5, 2004

Reported without amendment

With the recommendation that the substitute (H-2) be adopted and that the bill then pass.