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2012 House Bill 5770: Authorize state grants to certain doctors
Introduced by Rep. Jim Ananich D-Grandville on July 18, 2012
To create a state scholarship that would pay the full cost of medical school for a student who agrees to provide specified primary care services in an area of the state deemed to have a shortage of such providers. Also, to create a student loan repayment grant program that would give a health care professional up to $80,000 for providing such services in an area, depending on how long the person stays. Up to $4 million in annual grants and scholarships for up to 40 individuals would be authorized during the three fiscal years starting in October, 2013. The proposal contains “clawback” provisions to get back the scholarship or grant money from a recipient who does not honor the terms of the agreement to stay. Different parts of these provisions are contained in a package comprised of House Bill 5770 to 5773.   Official Text and Analysis.
Referred to the House Education Committee on July 18, 2012