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2021 House Bill 4501: Refund employer fines levied under “unlimited” emergency law ruled unconstitutional
Introduced by Rep. Timothy Beson (R) on March 11, 2021
To require the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs to refund to employers civil penalties they imposed for violating an emergency order issued under a 1945 emergency powers law that has been ruled unconstitutional for letting a governor govern unilaterally during a state of emergency with no time limit.   Official Text and Analysis.
Referred to the House Government Operations Committee on March 11, 2021
Reported in the House on May 20, 2021
Without amendment and with the recommendation that the bill pass.
Received in the Senate on May 26, 2021
Referred to the Senate Economic and Small Business Development Committee on May 26, 2021
Reported in the Senate on June 8, 2021
With the recommendation that the bill pass.