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2020 Senate Bill 1049: Permit older offenders to avoid criminal record

Public Act 396 of 2020

Introduced by Sen. Stephanie Chang D-Detroit on July 23, 2020
To raise to 25 the age at which offenders are eligible for criminal defendant “youthful trainee status,” with permission of the prosecutor. This provides a mechanism for not including the offense on a youth’s permanent record, with exceptions for more serious crimes. Under current law a prosecutor must approve this for offenders under age 24 when the crime was committed.   Official Text and Analysis.
Referred to the Senate Judiciary and Public Safety Committee on July 23, 2020
Reported in the Senate on October 6, 2020
With the recommendation that the substitute (S-1) be adopted and that the bill then pass.
Moved to reconsider by Sen. Peter MacGregor R-Rockford on December 3, 2020
The vote by which the bill was passed.
The motion passed by voice vote in the Senate on December 3, 2020
Received in the Senate on December 3, 2020
Received in the House on December 8, 2020
Referred to the House Judiciary Committee on December 8, 2020
Reported in the House on December 17, 2020
Without amendment and with the recommendation that the bill pass.
Amendment offered by Rep. Ryan Berman R-Wixom on December 17, 2020
To also include traffic offenses to those covered by the bill.
The amendment failed by voice vote in the House on December 17, 2020
Signed by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer on January 4, 2021