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2019 Senate Bill 229: Ban “dismemberment abortion”
Introduced by Sen. Tom Barrett R-Potterville on March 19, 2019
To include “dismemberment abortion” in the acts specified in the state’s ban against late-term “partial birth” abortions. The bill defines this as deliberately and intentionally using an instrument to “dismember a living fetus by disarticulating limbs or decapitating the head from the fetal torso and removing the dismembered fetal body parts from the uterus.” Unless it is to save the life of the mother, providers who perform the procedure would be liable to two years in prison and a $50,000 fine; a woman who seeks or obtains an abortion would have no criminal or civil liability.   Official Text and Analysis.
Referred to the Senate Judiciary and Public Safety Committee on March 19, 2019
Reported in the Senate on May 14, 2019
With the recommendation that the bill pass.
Received in the House on May 14, 2019
Referred to the House Judiciary Committee on May 14, 2019