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2017 House Bill 5070: Consolidate “tax increment finance authority” laws
Introduced by Rep. Ben Frederick (R) on October 5, 2017
To consolidate laws authorizing seven different kinds of “tax increment finance authorities” (TIFA) into a single law. A TIFA "captures" the “increment” of extra local property tax revenue that supposedly will result from spending borrowed money on various subsidies and projects. The tax revenue “captured” from other public bodies is used to pay off the debt. Downtown Development Agencies are the best known type. The bill would increase and make uniform TIFA reporting requirements, require their reports to include information on the debt they have incurred and the direct or indirect subsidies granted, provide sanctions for authorities that fail to make required reports, and prescribe what information they must post on their websites.   Official Text and Analysis.
Referred to the House Local Government Committee on October 5, 2017