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2015 Senate Bill 615: Revise tax captures under property tax judgement levies

Public Act 15 of 2016

Introduced by Sen. Wayne Schmidt R-Traverse City on November 10, 2015
To prohibit revenue collected by a "judgment levy" property tax from being “captured” by a government entity funded by a “tax increment financing” scheme. Judgment levies are property taxes imposed on property owners in a particular school district or municipality that has lost or settled a big lawsuit.   Official Text and Analysis.
Referred to the Senate Judiciary Committee on November 10, 2015
Reported in the Senate on December 2, 2015
With the recommendation that the bill pass.
Received in the House on December 10, 2015
Referred to the House Judiciary Committee on December 10, 2015
Reported in the House on January 26, 2016
Without amendment and with the recommendation that the bill pass.
Signed by Gov. Rick Snyder on February 16, 2016