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2014 House Bill 5728: Establish procedures for dissolving fiscally failed school district
Introduced by Rep. Douglas Geiss D-Taylor on August 27, 2014
To establish procedures for transferring the property of a school district that has become fiscally unviable to one or more nearby school districts. (See 2013 House Bill 4813, now Public Act 96 of 2013, enacted when the Buena Vista and Inkster school districts reached this state.) Specifically, this bill specifies procedures for when the receiving district does not want the dissolved district’s buildings or land. The Intermediate School District would then have the right of first refusal, with other local government entities next in line. If none of them wanted the property it would be sold, with unpaid lenders of the dissolved district having first claim to the proceeds. The state would be responsible for any demolition costs.   Official Text and Analysis.
Referred to the House Education Committee on August 27, 2014