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2013 House Bill 4632: Increase vehicle registration taxes
Introduced by Rep. Wayne Schmidt (R) on April 25, 2013
To increase the annual vehicle registration (license plate) tax by approximately 60 percent on most cars, and 20 percent for trucks and other vehicles. Municipal plates would increase from $5 to $10, and nonprofit plates would cost $10. The trailer registration tax would go up by 20 percent, and trailer plates would expire after three years. The bill would replace the current regime of 10 percent annual reductions in the vehicle list-price based registration tax rate in the first three years with a single 50 percent reduction in year 10. The bill would also base registration taxes for “hybrid” and “alternative fuel” vehicles on a formula that includes the average miles driven, the miles per gallon equivalent and current fuel tax rates.   Official Text and Analysis.
Referred to the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee on April 25, 2013