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2009 House Bill 5639: Revise physical force in schools rules
Introduced by Rep. Deb Kennedy (D) on December 2, 2009
To prohibit the reasonable use of physical force on a public school student for purposes of maintaining order and control and providing an environment conducive to safety and learning. Instead, force would only be allowed in an emergency situation when a student’s unpredictable, spontaneous behavior causes a threat of imminent, serious physical harm, and can’t be immediately prevented by any less restrictive measure. Reasonable physical force would be allowed to break up a fight, take away a weapon, or to remove or hold for a brief time a student in order to prevent impulsive behavior that threatens his or her safety. The bill would explicitly allow the “brief holding by an adult in order to calm or comfort”.   Official Text and Analysis.
Referred to the House Education Committee on December 2, 2009