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2003 House Bill 4258: Postpone horse race purse pool rule
Introduced by Rep. John Pappageorge R- on February 19, 2003
To postpone implementation of a new administrative rule related to setting the distribution formula for a certain state-collected horse race purse pool. The bill is the result of action by the legislative Joint Committee on Administrative Rules (JCAR), which has oversight of new rules promulgated by the executive branch. Under the law, if JCAR votes to object to a rule, it causes bills to be placed on the House and Senate legislative calendars to either postpone implementation of the rule for one year, rescind it, or repeal the law authorizing the rule. The bill must be passed by both Houses of the legislature within 21 days, and not vetoed by the governor, or the rule goes into effect anyway. SB 200 is the Senate version.   Official Text and Analysis.
Referred by Rep. Randy Richardville R- on September 23, 2003