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August 26, 2016 MichiganVotes Weekly Roll Call Report

Created by FairShake

While the Legislature is on a summer break with no voting, the Roll Call Report continues its review of key votes from the 2015-2016 session.

DISCLAIMER: Scorecards are user-created and do not represent the views of Michigan Votes or the Mackinac Center for Public Policy.
The user/creator is responsible for the scores and the preferred votes.

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Ideal Senate Vote >
67%Casperson, Tom  (term)R ××
67%Colbeck, Patrick  (term)R ××
67%Emmons, Judy  (term)R ××
67%Green, Michael  (term)R ××
67%Hansen, Goeff  (term)R ××
67%Hildenbrand, Dave  (term)R ××
67%Horn, Kenneth  (term)R ××
67%Hune, Joe  (term)R ××
67%Jones, Rick  (term)R ××
67%Knollenberg, Marty  (term)R ××
67%Kowall, Mike  (term)R ××
67%MacGregor, Peter  (term)R ××
67%Meekhof, Arlan  (term)R ××
67%Nofs, Mike  (term)R ××
67%O'Brien, Margaret  (term)R ××
67%Pavlov, Phil  (term)R ××
67%Proos, John  (term)R ××
67%Robertson, David  (term)R ××
67%Rocca, Tory  (term)R ××
67%Schmidt, Wayne  (term)R ××
67%Schuitmaker, Tonya  (term)R ××
67%Shirkey, Mike  (term)R ××
67%Stamas, Jim  (term)R ××
67%Zorn, Dale W.  (term)R ××
50%Brandenburg, Jack  (term)R ×××
50%Marleau, Jim  (term)R ×××
33%Ananich, Jim  (term)D ××××
33%Bieda, Steve  (term)D ××××
33%Gregory, Vincent  (term)D ××××
33%Hertel, Curtis, Jr.  (term)D ××××
33%Hood, Morris, III  (term)D ××××
33%Hopgood, Hoon-Yung  (term)D ××××
33%Johnson, Bert  (term)D ××××
33%Knezek, David  (term)D ××××
33%Smith, Virgil  (term)D ××××
33%Warren, Rebekah  (term)D ××××
33%Young, Coleman, II  (term)D ××××
Ideal House Vote >
75%Hooker, Thomas  (term)R ×
75%Howrylak, Martin  (term)R ×
75%McBroom, Ed  (term)R ×
75%Potvin, Phil  (term)R ×
75%Price, Amanda  (term)R ×
75%Victory, Roger  (term)R ×
50%Afendoulis, Chris  (term)R ××
50%Banks, Brian  (term)D ××
50%Bizon, John  (term)R ××
50%Bumstead, Jon  (term)R ××
50%Callton, Mike  (term)R ××
50%Canfield, Edward  (term)R ××
50%Chatfield, Lee  (term)R ××
50%Cole, Triston  (term)R ××
50%Cotter, Kevin  (term)R ××
50%Cox, Laura  (term)R ××
50%Crawford, Kathy  (term)R ××
50%Forlini, Anthony  (term)R ××
50%Franz, Ray  (term)R ××
50%Garcia, Daniela  (term)R ××
50%Garrett, LaTanya  (term)D ××
50%Gay-Dagnogo, Sherry  (term)D ××
50%Glardon, Ben  (term)R ××
50%Goike, Ken  (term)R ××
50%Graves, Joseph  (term)R ××
50%Heise, Kurt  (term)R ××
50%Hughes, Holly  (term)R ××
50%Iden, Brandt  (term)R ××
50%Inman, Larry  (term)R ××
50%Jacobsen, Bradford  (term)R ××
50%Jenkins, Nancy  (term)R ××
50%Johnson, Joel  (term)R ××
50%Kesto, Klint  (term)R ××
50%LaFontaine, Andrea  (term)R ××
50%Lauwers, Dan  (term)R ××
50%Leonard, Tom  (term)R ××
50%Leutheuser, Eric  (term)R ××
50%Lucido, Peter  (term)R ××
50%Lyons, Lisa  (term)R ××
50%Maturen, David  (term)R ××
50%McCready, Michael  (term)R ××
50%Miller, Aaron  (term)R ××
50%Nesbitt, Aric  (term)R ××
50%Outman, Rick  (term)R ××
50%Pagel, David  (term)R ××
50%Pettalia, Peter  (term)R ××
50%Poleski, Earl  (term)R ××
50%Pscholka, Al  (term)R ××
50%Rendon, Bruce  (term)R ××
50%Roberts, Brett  (term)R ××
50%Robinson, Rose Mary  (term)D ××
50%Runestad, Jim  (term)R ××
50%Sheppard, Jason  (term)R ××
50%Somerville, Patrick  (term)R ××
50%Talabi, Alberta Tinsley  (term)D ××
50%Tedder, Jim  (term)R ××
50%Theis, Lana  (term)R ××
50%Vaupel, Hank  (term)R ××
50%VerHeulen, Rob  (term)R ××
50%Webber, Michael  (term)R ××
50%Yonker, Ken  (term)R ××
50%Zemke, Adam  (term)D ××
25%Barrett, Tom  (term)R ×××
25%Brinks, Winnie  (term)D ×××
25%Brunner, Charles  (term)D ×××
25%Byrd, Wendell  (term)D ×××
25%Chang, Stephanie  (term)D ×××
25%Chirkun, John  (term)D ×××
25%Clemente, Paul D.  (term)D ×××
25%Cochran, Tom  (term)D ×××
25%Darany, George T.  (term)D ×××
25%Dianda, Scott  (term)D ×××
25%Driskell, Gretchen  (term)D ×××
25%Durhal, Fred, III  (term)D ×××
25%Faris, Pam  (term)D ×××
25%Farrington, Jeff  (term)R ×××
25%Geiss, Erika  (term)D ×××
25%Greig, Christine  (term)D ×××
25%Greimel, Tim  (term)D ×××
25%Guerra, Vanessa  (term)D ×××
25%Hoadley, Jon  (term)D ×××
25%Hovey-Wright, Marcia  (term)D ×××
25%Irwin, Jeff  (term)D ×××
25%Kelly, Tim  (term)R ×××
25%Kivela, John  (term)D ×××
25%Kosowski, Robert  (term)D ×××
25%Lane, Marilyn  (term)D ×××
25%LaVoy, Bill  (term)D ×××
25%Liberati, Frank  (term)D ×××
25%Love, Leslie  (term)D ×××
25%Miller, Derek  (term)D ×××
25%Moss, Jeremy  (term)D ×××
25%Muxlow, Paul  (term)R ×××
25%Neeley, Sheldon  (term)D ×××
25%Pagan, Kristy  (term)D ×××
25%Phelps, Phil  (term)D ×××
25%Plawecki, Julie  (term)D ×××
25%Roberts, Sarah  (term)D ×××
25%Santana, Harvey  (term)D ×××
25%Schor, Andy  (term)D ×××
25%Singh, Sam  (term)D ×××
25%Smiley, Charles  (term)D ×××
25%Townsend, Jim  (term)D ×××
25%Wittenberg, Robert  (term)D ×××
25%Yanez, Henry  (term)D ×××
0%Courser, Todd  (term)R ×
0%Dillon, Brandon  (term)D ×
0%Gamrat, Cindy  (term)R ×
0%Rutledge, David E.  (term)D ××××

Legend:   Correct,  × Incorrect,  
F Chamber failed to hold vote,  E Excused,  X Not Voting,  
? Ideal Vote not set,   No vote in this chamber


Column Descriptions

Senate Bill 240: Ban powdered alcohol
to ban the sale, use or possession of “powdered alcohol” in Michigan
   • House Roll Call 350 on October 13, 2015.
   • Senate Roll Call 216 on May 20, 2015.

Senate Bill 328: Authorize more State Police officer grades
to create two new grades of State Police officer, called "inspector" and "recruit." The current grades are colonel, lieutenant colonel, major, captain, lieutenant, sergeant and trooper
   • House Roll Call 14 on January 26, 2016.
   • Senate Roll Call 265 on June 4, 2015.

Senate Bill 165: Authorize pedal-powered beer bars
to establish in statute that a “commercial quadricycle,” which is a pedal-powered mobile beer bar, is not considered a “motor vehicle” even if it has auxiliary power, and instead would be subject to the less onerous regulations imposed on “low-speed vehicles,” or if operated on a sidewalk, the regulations imposed on “Segways.” Under this and Senate Bill 166 passengers would be allowed to have open beer or wine containers, but the driver would be required to have a blood alcohol level of zero
   • House Roll Call 268 on June 18, 2015.
   • Senate Roll Call 178 on May 14, 2015.

Senate Bill 414: Road funding package - potential income tax...
[Road funding package - potential income tax reduction] to earmark $350 million from state income tax collections to road funding in the next fiscal year, and $700 million in subsequent years. The bill would also place in statute a scheme to potentially roll back future income tax rates if the amount of revenue deposited into the general fund in a given year grew faster than inflation. Note that the legislature controls the level of these deposits, and can reduce them by redirecting revenue elsewhere, or depositing money into the state rainy day fund. So even if overall state tax collections do increase more than inflation, income tax rate reductions would essentially be at the discretion of each legislature, as under current law.
   • House Roll Call 375 on October 21, 2015.
   • Senate Roll Call 346 on July 1, 2015.

Senate Bill 231: Ban selling “e-cigarettes” to minors
to ban selling or giving minors electronic vapor cigarettes, or any product or device that delivers nicotine. Violations would be a misdemeanor with a $50 fine, which would also applies to giving a minor regular cigarettes
   • Senate Roll Call 215 on May 20, 2015.

Senate Bill 305: Preempt local knife regulations
to preempt local government ordinances or rules on the transportation, possession, carrying, sale, purchase, manufacturing, etc. of a knife or knife-making components. A similar preemption restricts local gun regulations
   • Senate Roll Call 266 on June 9, 2015.


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DISCLAIMER: Scorecards are user-created and do not represent the views of Michigan Votes or the Mackinac Center for Public Policy.
The user/creator is responsible for the scores and the preferred votes.

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