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Feb. 17 Michigan Legislature Roll Call Report

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While the current legislature is heavily focused on epidemic-related budget and spending issues, some substantive "policy bills" have begun to advance, including the two in this report.

Senate Bill 46, Exempt some companies’ “broadband equipment” from personal property tax: Passed 20 to 15 in the Senate
To exempt “broadband equipment” used by some internet providers from personal property taxes levied on business tools and equipment. The beneficiaries would be firms claiming to "resolve a lack of broadband service," which is undefined in the bill. For this reason the Senate Fiscal Agency is unable to estimate how much revenue the state and local governments may forego if the bill becomes law.
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Senate Bill 18, Authorize interstate physical therapist licensure compact: Passed 25 to 10 in the Senate
To authorize Michigan’s participation in an interstate physical therapist licensure compact that would make it easier for a therapist seeking licensure in more than one state to demonstrate licensure status in his or her home state. The bill would establish that a therapist licensed in a member state that has complied with the compact’s detailed provisions would be granted a “compact privilege” to practice in other compact member states, subject to those other states' laws.
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