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Feb 8 Michigan Legislature Roll Call Report

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The first substantive roll call vote of the 100th Michigan legislature was held this week not on a bill but on a resolution disapproving an Executive Order signed by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. This is explained below.

Just one bill has been advanced from committee for consideration by the full House or Senate. It's Senate Bill 2, which would reform the process of "civil asset forfeiture." This is a legal procedure that lets police take permanent ownership of property seized in connection with a possible crime even if there has been no conviction or even an arrest.

The bill has bipartisan support (as shown by a unanimous committee vote) so a final passage vote by the full Senate may appear in a future roll call report.

House Concurrent Resolution 1, Disapprove executive order abolishing environmental regulation review panels
To disapprove Gov. Gretchen Whitmer's Executive Order No. 2019-02, which reorganizes and renames the state Department of Environmental Quality (henceforth the "Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy"), creates several new bureaus within the department, and abolishes three other bureaus created by legislation enacted in 2018 and signed by former Gov. Rick Snyder.

The abolished entities are an environmental rules review committee tasked with assessing the reasonableness of new environmental regulations; an environmental permit appeal panel to review permit-related grievances from individuals and business; and an environmental science advisory board to advise the governor on environmental issues.

An executive order has the force of law unless it is disapproved within 60 days by a majority of those elected and serving in both the House and Senate, meaning if the Senate concurs with this vote the departmental reorganization will not take place. The Senate Oversight Committee has held one hearing on the measure and plans to hold more before deciding whether to advance it to the full Senate.
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