2021 Senate Bill 85

House Roll Call 641: Passed

To appropriate $1 billion for a new corporate subsidy scheme. The money would go to a "strategic outreach and attraction reserve fund" authorized by Senate Bill 769, to pay for a “Critical Industry Fund” (Senate Bill 771) that will give grants and loans to certain companies to create jobs or job training, and a “Strategic Site Readiness Fund” (House Bill 5603) which would give money to certain companies to create “investment-ready sites” for new job producing plants and facilities. The bill also appropriates $409 million federal dollars for relief to businesses "afflicted" by the coronavirus epidemic and government responses, and $75 million state dollars to replace money used to reduce personal property taxes levied on business tools and equipment.

78 Yeas / 25 Nays
Democrat (41 Yeas / 8 Nays)
Republican (37 Yeas / 17 Nays)
Excused or Not Voting (4)