2011 House Bill 4445

House Roll Call 72: Passed

To appropriate $4 million to pay school districts and charter schools near the effectively-bankrupt Highland Park school district to provide classes this year to the children in that district. Highland Park reportedly spent $16,000 per student, on revenues of $14,000 per student, and can no longer meet payroll. The bill also authorizes $12.5 million for programs intended to assess kindergarten and government "early childhood education" programs; spends $4 million in federal "edu-jobs" stimulus money; and makes several smaller appropriations. Finally, it adjusts school aid distributions to reflect lower than expected local property tax revenue and other factors.

63 Yeas / 45 Nays
Republican (62 Yeas / 0 Nays)
Democrat (1 Yea / 45 Nays)