2013 Senate Bill 99

Expand school “sinking fund” uses to include security

Introduced in the Senate

Jan. 29, 2013

Introduced by Sen. Howard Walker (R-37)

To allow school districts to use “sinking fund” taxes for “school security,” which presumably means ongoing operational expenses rather than purchasing security system hardware. Under current law, sinking funds are permanent funds that may be used only for infrastructure-related spending including the purchase of land or construction and (major) repair of school buildings. Schools are allowed to levy up to five mills for sinking funds. Since new operating expense millages were prohibited by a vote of the people in the 1994 Proposal A initiative, it is likely that the bill would require a 3/4 majority vote in the House and Senate, which is required by the Constitution on any bill amending an initiative adopted by popular vote.

Referred to the Committee on Education