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2015-16 Labor Freedom Index

Created by FreedomFighter

DISCLAIMER: This report was prepared by a user of the site. The site is not responsible for the scores, nor the preferred vote.


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100%Brandenburg, Jack @R
100%Green, Michael @R
100%Hildenbrand, Dave @R
100%Hune, Joe @R
100%Knollenberg, Marty @R
100%MacGregor, Peter @R
100%Marleau, Jim @R
100%Meekhof, Arlan @R X
100%Proos, John @R
100%Robertson, David @R
100%Shirkey, Mike @R
100%Stamas, Jim @R
91%Colbeck, Patrick @R ×
91%Emmons, Judy @R ×
91%Jones, Rick @R ×
91%Kowall, Mike @R ×
91%Pavlov, Phil @R ×
82%Schmidt, Wayne @R ××
82%Schuitmaker, Tonya @R ××
80%Hansen, Goeff @R ××X
75%Nofs, Mike @R XX××X
73%Horn, Kenneth @R ×××
73%O'Brien, Margaret @R ×××
64%Zorn, Dale W. @R ××××
55%Casperson, Tom @R ×××××
27%Rocca, Tory @R ××××××××
14%Smith, Virgil @D --×××××XX×
10%Johnson, Bert @D ×××××X××××
9%Gregory, Vincent @D ××××××××××
0%Ananich, Jim @D ×××××××××××
0%Bieda, Steve @D ××××××××××X
0%Hertel, Curtis, Jr. @D ×××××××××××
0%Hood, Morris, III @D ×××××××××××
0%Hopgood, Hoon-Yung @D ××××××××××X
0%Knezek, David @D ×××××××××××
0%Warren, Rebekah @D ×××××××××××
0%Young, Coleman, II @D ×××××××××××
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70%Barrett, Tom @R FFF-
70%Bumstead, Jon @R FFF-
70%Canfield, Edward @R FFF-
70%Chatfield, Lee @R FFF-
70%Cole, Triston @R FFF-
70%Cotter, Kevin @R FFF-
50%Courser, Todd @R ---FFF--
70%Cox, Laura @R FFF-
70%Crawford, Kathy @R FFF-
70%Farrington, Jeff @R FFF-
70%Franz, Ray @R FFF-
50%Gamrat, Cindy @R ---FFF--
70%Garcia, Daniela @R FFF-
70%Glardon, Ben @R FFF-
70%Glenn, Gary @R FFF-
70%Goike, Ken @R FFF-
70%Graves, Joseph @R FFF-
70%Heise, Kurt @R FFF-
40%Howell, Gary @R -FF--F---
70%Iden, Brandt @R FFF-
70%Inman, Larry @R FFF-
70%Jacobsen, Bradford @R FFF-
70%Jenkins, Nancy @R FFF-
70%Johnson, Joel @R FFF-
67%Kelly, Tim @R FFXF-
70%Kesto, Klint @R FFF-
70%Lauwers, Dan @R FFF-
70%Leonard, Tom @R FFF-
70%Leutheuser, Eric @R FFF-
70%Maturen, David @R FFF-
70%Miller, Aaron @R FFF-
57%Muxlow, Paul @R XFFFXX-
70%Nesbitt, Aric @R FFF-
70%Outman, Rick @R FFF-
70%Pagel, David @R FFF-
70%Pettalia, Peter @R FFF-
70%Poleski, Earl @R FFF-
70%Potvin, Phil @R FFF-
70%Price, Amanda @R FFF-
70%Pscholka, Al @R FFF-
70%Rendon, Bruce @R FFF-
70%Roberts, Brett @R FFF-
70%Sheppard, Jason @R FFF-
70%Somerville, Patrick @R FFF-
70%Theis, Lana @R FFF-
70%VerHeulen, Rob @R FFF-
70%Victory, Roger @R FFF-
70%Webber, Michael @R FFF-
40%Whiteford, Mary @R -FF--F---
70%Yonker, Ken @R FFF-
60%Callton, Mike @R FF×F-
60%Forlini, Anthony @R ×FFF-
60%Hooker, Thomas @R FF×F-
60%Hughes, Holly @R FF×F-
60%LaFontaine, Andrea @R ×FFF-
60%Lyons, Lisa @R FF×F-
60%Runestad, Jim @R FF×F-
60%Tedder, Jim @R ×FFF-
60%Vaupel, Hank @R FF×F-
50%Lucido, Peter @R ××FFF-
50%McCready, Michael @R ××FFF-
40%McBroom, Edward @R ××FF×F-
30%Howrylak, Martin @R ××FF××F-
10%Bizon, John @R ×××FF××F×-
0%Banks, Brian @D ×××FF××F××-
0%Brinks, Winnie @D ×××FF××F××-
0%Brunner, Charles @D ×××FF××F××-
0%Byrd, Wendell @D ×××FF××F××-
0%Chang, Stephanie @D ×××FF××F××-
0%Chirkun, John @D ×××FF××F××-
0%Clemente, Paul D. @D ×××FF××F××-
0%Cochran, Tom @D ×××FF××F××-
0%Darany, George T. @D ×××FF××F××-
0%Dianda, Scott @D ×××FF××F××-
0%Dillon, Brandon @D ---FF××F-×-
0%Driskell, Gretchen @D ×××FF××F××-
0%Durhal, Fred, III @D ×××FF××F××-
0%Faris, Pam @D ×××FF××F××-
0%Garrett, LaTanya @D ×××FF××F××-
0%Gay-Dagnogo, Sherry @D ×××FF××F××-
0%Geiss, Erika @D ×××FF××F××-
0%Greig, Christine @D ×××FF××F××-
0%Greimel, Tim @D ×××FF××F××-
0%Guerra, Vanessa @D ×××FF××F××-
0%Hoadley, Jon @D ×××FF××F××-
0%Hovey-Wright, Marcia @D ×××FF××F××-
0%Irwin, Jeff @D ×××FF××F××-
0%Kivela, John @D ×××FF××F××-
0%Kosowski, Robert @D ×××FF××F××-
0%LaGrand, David @D ××-FF--F---
0%Lane, Marilyn @D ×××FF××F××-
0%LaVoy, Bill @D ×××FF××F××-
0%Liberati, Frank @D XX×FF××F××-
0%Love, Leslie @D ×××FF××F××-
0%Miller, Derek @D --×FF××F××-
0%Moss, Jeremy @D ×××FF××F××-
0%Neeley, Sheldon @D ×××FF××F××-
0%Pagan, Kristy @D ×××FF××F××-
0%Phelps, Phil @D ×××FF××FX×-
0%Plawecki, Julie @D ×××FF××F××-
0%Roberts, Sarah @D ×××FF××F××-
0%Robinson, Rose Mary @D ×××FF××F××-
0%Rutledge, David E. @D ×××FF××F××-
0%Santana, Harvey @D ×××FF××F××-
0%Schor, Andy @D ×××FF××F××-
0%Singh, Sam @D ×××FF××F××-
0%Smiley, Charles @D ×××FF××F××-
0%Talabi, Alberta Tinsley @D ×××FF××F××-
0%Townsend, Jim @D ×××FF××F××-
0%Wittenberg, Robert @D ×××FF××F××-
0%Yanez, Henry @D ×××FF××F××-
0%Zemke, Adam @D ×××FF××F××-

Marks:   Correct,  × Incorrect,  F Chamber failed to hold vote,  E Excused,  X Not Voting,  ? Ideal Vote not set,  - No vote in this chamber


Column Descriptions

House Bill 5387: Teacher strike sanctions
Impose more rigorous sanctions and more certain procedures for teachers in an illegal strike.
      House Roll Call 388 on Jun. 2, 2016.      Senate Roll Call 429 on Jun. 8, 2016.

House Bill 5384: Don't ration Detroit charter schools
Adopt Snyder's DPS governance changes without charter school rationing.
      House Roll Call 386 on Jun. 2, 2016.      Senate Roll Call 428 on Jun. 8, 2016.

House Bill 5070: Obama NLRB "push-back"
Declare franchise owner of sole employer in unionizing.
      House Roll Call 499 on Nov. 10, 2015.      Senate Roll Call 42 on Jan. 13, 2016.

Senate Bill 280: Ban tax dollars for union steward
Ban state, schools and locals from paying union stewards for union work.
      Senate Roll Call 507 on Apr. 16, 2015.

Senate Bill 279: Ban union pension spiking
Ban "Steve Cook" school pension spiking scheme.
      Senate Roll Call 504 on Apr. 16, 2015.

House Bill 4052: Preempt local employer mandates
Preempt local employer wage, benefit or labor law mandates.
      House Roll Call 173 on Jan. 22, 2015.      Senate Roll Call 293 on May. 21, 2015.

House Bill 4467: Allow more prisoners at private prison
Let more dangerous adult prisoners be held at private prison.
      House Roll Call 125 on Apr. 16, 2015.      Senate Roll Call 250 on May. 12, 2015.

Senate Bill 3: Repeal “prevailing wage"
Repeal “prevailing wage” law that privileges unions
      Senate Roll Call 173 on Jan. 20, 2015.

Senate Bill 492: Push back at Obama NLRB franchise rule
Declare owner of a business franchise not the franchisor is sole employer for unionization.
      House Roll Call 493 on Nov. 10, 2015.      Senate Roll Call 510 on Sep. 16, 2015.

House Bill 4162: Ease residential lift installer regs
Exempt residential lift installers from regs on (mostly unionized) elevator contractors.
      House Roll Call 27 on Feb. 10, 2015.      Senate Roll Call 168 on Mar. 12, 2015.

Senate Bill 500: Increase state unemployment benefits
Tie-bar this bill to House Bill 4655, which would increase unemployment benefits.
      Senate Roll Call 392 on Oct. 1, 2015.


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DISCLAIMER: This report was prepared by a user of the site. The site is not responsible for the scores, nor the preferred vote.