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2013 Senate Bill 37: Authorize penalties for nonpayment of “administrative hearing bureau” fines (House Roll Call 427)
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Passed 106 to 4 in the House on November 14, 2013, to allow a local government to ban giving an approval required under a building code ordinance to a property owner who has failed to pay fines imposed by “administrative hearing bureaus” that most cities are allowed to create for enforcing "blight violations" under a 2003 law. Under that law, cities already have the power to place a lien against the property.
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The vote was 106 in favor, 4 against, and 0 not voting.
(House Roll Call 427)

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51 total votes
59 total votes

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Authorize penalties for nonpayment of “administrative hearing bureau” fines



Abed (D)Banks (D)Barnett (D)Brinks (D)Brown (D)
Brunner (D)Cavanagh (D)clemente (D)Cochran (D)Darany (D)
Dianda (D)Dillon (D)Driskell (D)Durhal (D)Faris (D)
Geiss (D)Greimel (D)Haugh (D)Hobbs (D)Hovey-Wright (D)
Irwin (D)Kandrevas (D)Kivela (D)Knezek (D)Kosowski (D)
Lamonte (D)Lane (D)LaVoy (D)Lipton (D)McCann (D)
Nathan (D)Oakes (D)Olumba (D)Phelps (D)Roberts (D)
Rutledge (D)Santana (D)Schor (D)Segal (D)Singh (D)
Slavens (D)Smiley (D)Stallworth (D)Stanley (D)Switalski (D)
Talabi (D)Tlaib (D)Townsend (D)Yanez (D)Zemke (D)


Bolger (R)Bumstead (R)Callton (R)Cotter (R)Crawford (R)
Daley (R)Denby (R)Farrington (R)Forlini (R)Foster (R)
Franz (R)Genetski (R)Glardon (R)Goike (R)Graves (R)
Haines (R)Haveman (R)Heise (R)Hooker (R)Jacobsen (R)
Jenkins (R)Kelly (R)Kesto (R)Kowall (R)Kurtz (R)
LaFontaine (R)Lauwers (R)Leonard (R)Lori (R)Lund (R)
Lyons (R)MacGregor (R)MacMaster (R)McBroom (R)McCready (R)
Muxlow (R)Nesbitt (R)O'Brien (R)Outman (R)Pagel (R)
Pettalia (R)Poleski (R)Potvin (R)Price (R)Pscholka (R)
Rendon (R)Rogers (R)Schmidt (R)Shirkey (R)Somerville (R)
Stamas (R)VerHeulen (R)Victory (R)Walsh (R)Yonker (R)
Zorn (R)    



Robinson (D)


Howrylak (R)Johnson (R)McMillin (R)


Y    Abed (D)Y    Banks (D)Y    Barnett (D)Y    Bolger (R)Y    Brinks (D)
Y    Brown (D)Y    Brunner (D)Y    Bumstead (R)Y    Callton (R)Y    Cavanagh (D)
Y    clemente (D)Y    Cochran (D)Y    Cotter (R)Y    Crawford (R)Y    Daley (R)
Y    Darany (D)Y    Denby (R)Y    Dianda (D)Y    Dillon (D)Y    Driskell (D)
Y    Durhal (D)Y    Faris (D)Y    Farrington (R)Y    Forlini (R)Y    Foster (R)
Y    Franz (R)Y    Geiss (D)Y    Genetski (R)Y    Glardon (R)Y    Goike (R)
Y    Graves (R)Y    Greimel (D)Y    Haines (R)Y    Haugh (D)Y    Haveman (R)
Y    Heise (R)Y    Hobbs (D)Y    Hooker (R)Y    Hovey-Wright (D)  n  Howrylak (R)
Y    Irwin (D)Y    Jacobsen (R)Y    Jenkins (R)  n  Johnson (R)Y    Kandrevas (D)
Y    Kelly (R)Y    Kesto (R)Y    Kivela (D)Y    Knezek (D)Y    Kosowski (D)
Y    Kowall (R)Y    Kurtz (R)Y    LaFontaine (R)Y    Lamonte (D)Y    Lane (D)
Y    Lauwers (R)Y    LaVoy (D)Y    Leonard (R)Y    Lipton (D)Y    Lori (R)
Y    Lund (R)Y    Lyons (R)Y    MacGregor (R)Y    MacMaster (R)Y    McBroom (R)
Y    McCann (D)Y    McCready (R)  n  McMillin (R)Y    Muxlow (R)Y    Nathan (D)
Y    Nesbitt (R)Y    O'Brien (R)Y    Oakes (D)Y    Olumba (D)Y    Outman (R)
Y    Pagel (R)Y    Pettalia (R)Y    Phelps (D)Y    Poleski (R)Y    Potvin (R)
Y    Price (R)Y    Pscholka (R)Y    Rendon (R)Y    Roberts (D)  n  Robinson (D)
Y    Rogers (R)Y    Rutledge (D)Y    Santana (D)Y    Schmidt (R)Y    Schor (D)
Y    Segal (D)Y    Shirkey (R)Y    Singh (D)Y    Slavens (D)Y    Smiley (D)
Y    Somerville (R)Y    Stallworth (D)Y    Stamas (R)Y    Stanley (D)Y    Switalski (D)
Y    Talabi (D)Y    Tlaib (D)Y    Townsend (D)Y    VerHeulen (R)Y    Victory (R)
Y    Walsh (R)Y    Yanez (D)Y    Yonker (R)Y    Zemke (D)Y    Zorn (R)

House Roll Call 427 on 2013 Senate Bill 37



Re: 2013 Senate Bill 37 (Authorize penalties for nonpayment of “administrative hearing bureau” fines )  by Admin003 on March 5, 2013 
Senators Warren, Hood, Young, Whitmer, Hopgood, Johnson, Anderson, Gregory and Hunter, under their
constitutional right of protest (Art. 4, Sec. 18), protested against the passage of Senate Bill No. 78.
Senator Warren moved that the statement she made during the discussion of the bill be printed as her reasons for
voting "no."
The motion prevailed.
Senator Warren's statement, in which Senators Hood, Young, Whitmer, Hopgood, Johnson, Anderson, Gregory
and Hunter concurred, is as follows:
As Democratic vice chair of the Senate Committee on Natural Resources, Environment and Great Lakes, a
member of the Great Lakes Commission, and the former chair of the House Great Lakes and Environment
Committee, I have had the rare privilege to attend conferences and meetings throughout the country with some of
our nation's foremost environmental experts. It never fails that at each and every one, I hear how lucky we are to live
in our beautiful and unique state, and it is a great reminder of the awesome responsibility that we have to preserve
the Pure Michigan that those of us who live here every day can often take for granted.
This responsibility is never more apparent than it is here in this chamber. We, as public servants in this state, hold
the future of our state environmentally and economically in our hands. We must act as vigilant stewards of the
environment, always working to ensure that we are able to hand down to the next generation Michigan's legacy of
health, history, and exceptional beauty.
Unfortunately, I believe that Senate Bill No. 78, which is in front of us at this very moment, flies in the very face
of that stewardship. For those of you who were not able to hear the testimony provided in committee, biodiversity is
the principle behind successful efforts to restore Michigan's forests after years of clear-cutting. It has also been used
to help recover wildlife populations enough to move them off of the Endangered Species List.
To be clear, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources has considered biodiversity in its land management
decisions for more than 100 years. We are undoing 100 years of work today if we pass this legislation. This bill not
only removes this basic tenet from the department's purview, but also prevents the DNR from acting under the
Endangered Species Act and a number of other laws to promote and restore biodiversity on public lands. It
jeopardizes almost $22 million in federal funding for forest management and puts Michigan's sustainable forestry
certificates that cover 3.9 million acres across the state at risk.
This legislation has received a tremendous amount of attention not only in Lansing, but also in my district, and
with good reason. This bill is a shortsighted and dangerous approach that rejects years of scientific research. Perhaps
more alarmingly, it will most assuredly make it harder to preserve the Michigan we know today for future
It is my hope that you will join us in opposing this bill which is sure to have an impact not only on our
environment, but also on our economy, and the health and safety of our citizens; and hold true to the values that we
espouse on the radio and in the news to protect Pure Michigan.

2013 Senate Bill 37 (Authorize penalties for nonpayment of “administrative hearing bureau” fines )  by admin on March 5, 2013 
Introduced in the Senate on January 16, 2013

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