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2011 House Bill 4627: Ban laying off more effective but less senior teachers first (“LIFO”) (Senate Roll Call 442)
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Passed 20 to 17 in the Senate on June 30, 2011, to prohibit public schools from using seniority as the primary or determining factor when making layoff or recall decisions (“last in first out,” or LIFO), and prohibit giving preference to a teacher rated "ineffective" over ones rated "minimally effective" or above, according to a detailed and complex rating system. Unlike the House version, principals could not refuse to accept an "ineffective" teacher assigned to the school.
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The vote was 20 in favor, 17 against, and 1 not voting.
(Senate Roll Call 442)

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12 total votes
26 total votes

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Ban laying off more effective but less senior teachers first (“LIFO”)




Booher (R)Brandenburg (R)Colbeck (R)Emmons (R)Hildenbrand (R)
Hune (R)Jansen (R)Kowall (R)Marleau (R)Meekhof (R)
Moolenaar (R)Nofs (R)Pappageorge (R)Pavlov (R)Proos (R)
Richardville (R)Robertson (R)Rocca (R)Schuitmaker (R)Walker (R)



Anderson (D)Bieda (D)Gleason (D)Gregory (D)Hood (D)
Hopgood (D)Hunter (D)Smith (D)Warren (D)Whitmer (D)
Young (D)    


Casperson (R)Caswell (R)Green (R)Hansen (R)Jones (R)
Kahn (R)    


Johnson (D)


  n  Anderson (D)  n  Bieda (D)Y    Booher (R)Y    Brandenburg (R)  n  Casperson (R)
  n  Caswell (R)Y    Colbeck (R)Y    Emmons (R)  n  Gleason (D)  n  Green (R)
  n  Gregory (D)  n  Hansen (R)Y    Hildenbrand (R)  n  Hood (D)  n  Hopgood (D)
Y    Hune (R)  n  Hunter (D)Y    Jansen (R)  -  Johnson (D)  n  Jones (R)
  n  Kahn (R)Y    Kowall (R)Y    Marleau (R)Y    Meekhof (R)Y    Moolenaar (R)
Y    Nofs (R)Y    Pappageorge (R)Y    Pavlov (R)Y    Proos (R)Y    Richardville (R)
Y    Robertson (R)Y    Rocca (R)Y    Schuitmaker (R)  n  Smith (D)Y    Walker (R)
  n  Warren (D)  n  Whitmer (D)  n  Young (D)  

Senate Roll Call 442 on 2011 House Bill 4627



Re: 2011 House Bill 4627 (Ban laying off more effective but less senior teachers first (“LIFO”) )  by TaterSalad on November 30, 2011 

Another ban that is now being considered:


Coming down the pike:


This future legislation by the Democrats will be introduced soon and needs to be exposed to the citizens of Michigan:


State Sen. Rebekah Warren, D-Ann Arbor, is planning to introduce a constitutional amendment banning for-profit schools in Michigan.

Details of the proposal aren’t yet known, but Warren issued a media advisory today indicating she plans to make the announcement during a news conference at 9:30 a.m. Tuesday in Rooms 402 and 403 of the Michigan State Capitol Building in Lansing.

“In October, Republicans pushed legislation that would remove Michigan’s cap on charter schools, essentially opening the doors to for-profit schools and increased privatization of teachers and school workers,” the advisory states. “This constitutional amendment aims to protect our children’s education from being compromised at the expense of corporate profits”…

Re: 2011 House Bill 4627 (Ban laying off more effective but less senior teachers first (“LIFO”) )  by yoop2u on May 18, 2011 

Bad teachers are not protected by good teachers.  Bad teachers are protected by bad administrators who recommend them for tenure or give them good evaluations in the first place.  Administrators in many schools need to grow a spine and fire the bad teachers in their first few years of working - who cares if that bad teacher is "cousin Tom's step-son" who once taught your kid how to play catch.  Who cares if that "bad teacher" is a pretty good coach.  Stop giving them good evaluations and protecting their job!  Tenure is not the problem because a bad teacher can be fired for ANY reason in their first 5 years.  A really good teacher does not suddenly become a bad teacher just because they have earned tenure - they were that way from the very beginning.

Re: 2011 House Bill 4627 (Ban laying off more effective but less senior teachers first (“LIFO”) )  by changeagent on May 12, 2011 

[quote user="lilstoetz"] would work if teachers were able to select their raw materials, business-style. [/quote]

Seems like the wrong analogy to me.  Students are more analogous to customers than raw materials.  Businesses don't choose their customers.  Some of them are wonderful to work with and easy to please, while others are a pain in the ass but are still customers.  Successful businesses manage to satisfy the majority of their customers.  Certainly the type of students a teacher has to deal with comes into consideration but just because the teacher has some difficult students it should not be an excuse for poor performance. 

Let's face it, there are many good teachers out there and there are certainly some bad ones.  I have children in the public school system and I have seen both.  It still baffles me why any good teachers would want to protect the bad teachers but it happens all the time.  We need to hold teachers accountable for their performance and get rid of poor performers.

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